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2/16/2012 || Gault Recital Hall, 525 East University, Wooster

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Jared Cohen

Digital Diplomacy and 21st Century Statecraft

Jared Cohen, is a political transcendent who served on staff at the State Department under both the Bush and Obama administrations. As an advisor to Secretaries of State Rice and Clinton, Cohen effectively pushed the "think tank" to evolve into what he calls a "think/do tank" by merging the State Department's traditional handshake relationship-building with the connective power of technology. He successfully led a number of official diplomatic missions to some of the world's most important (as well as troubled) emerging markets with the aim of connecting private business and foreign policy. These "tech delegations" became the foundation of what is now known as "21st century statecraft."

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Comment: Jared Cohen's lecture is available here:
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Comment: Thank you, Mr. Cohen, for coming to the College of Wooster. I really enjoyed your lecture about Digital Diplomacy. I learned a lot about the Arab Spring and how technology has affected it. I also learned a lot on how technology has grown in the past 10 years, over in Iran. 10 years ago, Iranians were using bluetooths to talk to someone across the street. Now, terrorists are using them to start dangerous acts, and even rebellions are being started by technology. I thought it was cool that you worked under the Bush and Obama administrations, and now you work for Google. I bet that was a pretty big transition. Anyway, I'm so glad I attended your lecture. Thanks again!
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