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About Us

The Great Decisions lecture series is a joint venture between The College of Wooster and the local Wooster community. It began in 1981 and has run annually since that year. The primary purpose of the series is to bring to the region experts (from a variety of backgrounds) on various issues pertaining to foreign policy and international affairs. Our goal is to contribute to the ongoing education of Wooster students and area residents alike. We strive to keep ourselves engaged and informed so that we are better prepared as democratic citizens.

We recognize that the world is continuing to grow smaller and smaller and that, hence, our lives and fates are increasingly interconnected with the lives and fates of people all over the globe. This means that we need to know, more than ever, how circumstances elsewhere will affect us and what impact our choices will have on others. This lecture series is designed to be a part of the process of contributing to and improving such awareness.

Recent past speakers have included: Matthew Bishop (American Business editor and New York Bureau Chief for The Economist), Reza Aslan (Assistant Professor, University of California, Riverside), Jorge Dominguez (Professor of Mexican and Latin American Politics and Economics, and Vice Provost for International Affairs at Harvard University), Benjamin Barbor (Distinguished University Professor, University of Maryland System, Director of the NGO CivWorld), Donald Kohn (Vice Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System), James Sutterlin (Distinguished Fellow in UN Studies at Yale University), Branko Milanovic (The World Bank), Robert Samuelson (Newsweek Columnist), Catharine Bond Hill, (President and Professor of Economics at Vassar College), Seyyed Hossein Nasr, (Professor of Islamic Studies at George Washington University), Anthony Lewis (Pulitzer Prize winning journalist of the New York Times) and James Stewart (Pulitzer Prize winning columnist for the Wall Street Journal).

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